Mental Vacation

Hello There! Yes, I know I know. I was just talking about how big of a slacker I was being and I did it again. I must have summer brain or senioritis or something. I even meant to do a post on being given an award by a fellow blogger and that was a no go too (It is on my to-do list). I’m about to get it together. You just wait! Vacation over!

What have I been doing? Simple. I have been working on my senior project, working, and having really awesome weekends with friends and family. I also cleaned out my closet which was a huge adventure in itself. I think I have too many items of clothing at this point. I need one closet for work clothes and one closet for “play” clothes. I’m sure no one else has that kind of dream/problem.

I feel my blogging-brain restarting and I’m ready for… something.



top picture: shirt from Marshall’s (sale – $10), jeans from Plato’s Closet (brand: Gap), shoes from Marshall’s (brand: BOC by Born), necklace from Stella & Dot

bottom pictures: from closet clean-out day!

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One thought on “Mental Vacation

  1. Beibei Wu says:

    Love the photos and really like the Marshall shoes! 🙂

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